Karlos Zurutuza: «The minorities of Libya»

Zorba with Karlos Zurutuza, journalist Tunis.- The Basque journalist Karlos Zurutuza, who was just coming back from Libya, delved into the situation of the minorities in Libya. He focused on the Amazighs, the Tuaregs and the Tubus. They are thought to represent around 10% of the Libian population. They have taken sides in the split... Leer más →

Margot Badran: the History of feminism in contemporary Egypt

Zorba with Margot Badran, one of the most renowned scholars on the topic of feminism in the Muslim countries Cairo.-Margot Badran did a very interesting presentation about the history of feminism in Egypt. To start with she defined feminism as the awareness that women are restrained for the reason of their gender and attempts to dismantle... Leer más →

Social and political challenges of Brazil

Cairo.- A Brazilian expert talked last Tuesday about the social and political challenges ahead of Brazil after the reelection of Dilma Roussef. The main one is the economical situation. Brazil is on the verge of a recession after the trade surpluses enjoyed in the last decade came to an end because of the global slump... Leer más →

The future of the EU

Cairo.- An EU expert shared with us his view of the current status and the direction where the EU is heading after the recent appointment of new main Representatives of some of the most relevant EU Institutions. He provided an overview of the recent history of the EU, highlighting the optimism and trust on the EU... Leer más →

Ramadan & Bottoms: «Egypt’s environmental challenges»

Cairo.-Isabel Bottoms and Habiba Ramadan, researchers on Environmental Justice at the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights, talked about the environmental challenges that Egypt faces. To start with, they argued that many of the environmental problems are interrelated. For example, water pollution is linked with desertification. In addition, they said that the poorest segments... Leer más →

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